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Inspection of the technical condition of the constructions includes:

Evaluation & inspection of the compliance of the technical condition of the constructions or any of its parts with the requirements of acting technical regulations;

All non-conformities identified within the inspection process will be specified in our report covering:

  • construction parameters;
  • Description of the non-conformities including non-conformities depicting photo materials;
  • Conclusion about actual condition of the construction as of the date of inspection;

In case of necessity, it may also include:

  • Measurement drawings;
  • Results of lab tests;
  • Results of the geodesy, geological and geophysical surveys;
  • Calculations of the strained-deformed condition of the buildings and structures and their sustainability; 
  • Results of the engineering systems study;
  • Conclusion on quality compliance of the finishing and installation works;
  • Recommendations on the ways of non-conformities clearance;