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Principal package of the technical supervision-inspection of construction, repair, restoration works includes:

  • Control of compliance of construction technologies, work scopes and quality with the project and acting technical regulations;
  • Comparison of the work scopes specified by the contractors in the acts with the cost estimates and actually performed works;
  • Recording of the completed works;
  • Overseeing the hidden works performance and verifying relevant acts;
  • Acceptance of the completed stages of the work and verification of compliance of the performed works with the acting technical regulations;
  • Control over conducting of the laboratory testing and measurements by the contractor in accordance with the acting technical regulations;
  • Identification of non-conformities and defects in the process of work, photographing evidences, controlling timely clearance of the defects;
  • Control over compliance of the quality and volume of used materials with the project and acting technical regulations;

In case of additional order, the technical surveillance& inspection may include:

  • Control over compliance with the work schedule;
  • Organizing and controlling introduction of the changes to the project if required.
  • In case of absence of the cost estimate, comparison of the materials costs, labor remuneration, costs of use of the machinery, specified in the acts on completed works  submitted by the contractor with the avarage market prices, comparison of all payments with the average market data; 
  • Control over implementation of the engineering network system (e.g. HVAC, MEP and etc.) in compliance with the project and acting technical regulations;
  • Conducting of the additional lab tests based on subcontract;
  • Cross-checking of the geodetic, geological, geophysical parameters;
  • Arrangement of the works acceptance and commissioning;
  • Control over ensuring workplace health and safety training by the contractor;
  • Control over ensuring compliance of the works performed by contractor with the workplace health and safety rules;