LLC “Optimal Group +” is a member of the TIC-Council - the TIC Council is an international association representing independent testing, inspection and certification companies Recognizes and implements the Compliance Principles established by the Association, on the basis of which it has developed a Compliance Program with accompanying procedures.

Our activities

A-type Inspection Body of LLC “Optimal Group +” is the first inspection body in Georgia accredited by the Georgian Accreditation Center (GAC) to 

international standard ISO/IEC 17020:2012/2013  in the sphere of construction. The scope of accreditation is:

  • Projects Inspection 
  • Cost estimation conformity assessment of an object
  • Inspection of performed works
  • Technical supervision - inspection
  • Inspection of technical condition

ISO Accreditation of the Company guarantees that the inspection reports delivered by our company will be valid for presenting at any governmental structure, including the court.

In case of any questions, you are welcome to receive additional information from our specialists, feel free to contact us at: [email protected]

Construction technology safety has become a major issue in the latest years in Georgia due to the fact that many construction companies tend to significantly reduce construction costs by using low quality construction materials, hiring unqualified personnel, neglecting technical regulations etc. This results in low quality final projects being at high risk of dangerous accidents eventually leading to financial loss.

Another unpleasant tendency is that the constructors often exaggerate quantity and prices of the materials used in the construction process.

Activity of our inspection body is focused on result and answers to the customers interest to receive safe and quality product.

Our company ექსპერტიზა
Optimal Group + was founded in 2011 on the base of ltd „ Optimal Group “, for inspection of the construction, repair, installation, dismantling, demolition, reconstruction, restoration works of current buildings, structures of civil and infrastructure projects as well, technical & financial inspection of the investment projects. During these years the company has collected rich practical experience and proved itself as a reliable, trustworthy and diligent partner. 
Our company has been successfully providing clients with professional construction supervision services.  The extensive experience gained by our specialists and the whole team, our company ensures proper control of every aspect of the construction process and its compliance with relevant building regulations and quality standards, thus meeting the interests of investors and developers

Benefits of the work carried out by our team will become obvious from the very first days of our cooperation.

Our team ექსპერტიზა

Since 2007  Successfully  operates in the inspection sphere. We passed a long and a very interesting way in order to take an important positions on the market. Within this period we have inspected a lot of projects and succeeded by satisfying  the demands of our growing clients. Our success is caused by sharing collective values:

  • We listen to each other and share knowledge willingly;
  • We willingly combine our expertise;
  • We work at creating excellent relationships;
  • We act as Team players and feel  being a part of a bigger picture;
  • We are united by aspiration to provide an effective and competent service to our customers.

Our staff ექსპერტიზა

are high quality professionals, some of them DSc, actively with the extensive experience  in the inspection of a wide range of civil and infrastructure projects. The high qualification of our staff causes:

  • Authenticity of the inspection reports issued by us;
  • Effective control of the construction processes by our company;
  • The confidence our clients to trust us and do business with us;

Our specialists are ready to defend the inspection conclusions to the interested individuals as well as in court. 

HSE Policy ექსპერტიზა

For our company it is very important to follow safety rules. We worked out HSE policy based on international standards, which aims continual improvement of health, labor and environmental safety policies.  Our HSE policy includes:

  • ensuring of clear and safe working conditions;
  • risk evaluation and  prevention projects;
  • labor safety trainings for staff members..

HSE policy is strongly controlled by the Engineer of HSE. Our employees, located at construction sites, are dressed in the clothes determined by the international standard, wearing identification badges, provided with health insurance etc.

Our company’s mission ექსპერტიზა

is to establish  implementation of civil and industrial construction, infrastructure projects in Georgia,  according to international standards.

We want  customer  to receive safe and high-quality product as a result of Inspection of the investment project or construction site;

Our goals and  objectives
  • Services according to international standards;
  • Permanent improvement of services;
  • Improvement of team working
  • to maintain leading position at the market

We aim 

  • To improve our company step by step and systematically;
  • To follow the legal law;
  • To keep high quality of the service;
  • To long-term targets and step by step enlarge acting sphere