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Technical & financial inspection of investment project includes:

  • Verification of the scopes and costs of the works performed at the worksite;
  • Verification of compliance of the performed work volume and quality with the project and acting technical regulations;
  • Evaluation of the technical condition of the construction structures;
  • Inspection of the project, prepared by design company, for recovering identified defects and non-conformities; inspection of the cost estimation against the market prices of the works subject to performance based on the project;  
  • Inspection of the work scopes and costs required for completion of construction works based on the contract terms and conditions, according to the existing cost estimate and/or average market prices;
  • Inspection of the average market prices of the project materials and equipment;
  • Comparison of the labor remuneration and accruals (overheads, unforeseen costs, costs of temporary buildings and structures, profit, etc.) with the project documentation, contract terms and conditions, and average market data;
  • Determination of the construction completeness level, i.e. ratio of the completed works volume with the overall works volume defined in the frame of the project;
  • Identification of the possible impact of the defects and non-conformities identified in the completed works on total cost of construction and completion term;